1 On what kind of surface can I install my Primawall wall decals?

Wall decals can be installed on any smooth and dry surface as wall, ceramics, glass etc. In case you would like to install your sticker on other surface than wall, you can ask us for advice and we will be happy to help you.

2 Can I install the wall decal by myself?

Sure, the installation is simple and you can complete it in a few minutes. On Primawall web site you can watch the video clip with installation advice and read the installation instructions, which you also receive together with a squeegee.

3 What do I have to take care of when installing the wall decal?

We advise you to install the wall decal in pairs because the installation would be even easier. Before the installation put the wall decal on smooth surface and rub it with the enclosed squeegee. Therefore the motif will stick to the transparent protective foil. In case the part of the motif will still stick to the nontransparent protective foil during the installation, just paste it up a little bit, rub it again and continue with the installation process. Before replacing the transparent protective foil rub the entire foil well to assure the best possible adhesion.

4 Does it matter what wall colour I choose when selecting my wall decal on the website?

Wall colour serves only for better feeling how the wall decal will look like on your wall (you can check how the colours will match) so it does not matter what wall colour you choose. Wall decals do not contain any transparent layer or borders. Only the motif itself is visible.

5 Are the materials, from which Primawall wall decal are made, shiny or matt?

All the materials are matt. In case you would prefer a shiny material, please let us know and we will prepare it without any additional costs (just write your request under the notes when sending the order).

6 How long does it take to make a wall decal?

The product will be made no later than latest in five working days, but we do our best to make it approximately in 2–3 working days.

7 How will I receive my wall decal?

You will receive your wall decal in a pasteboard tube. In case you will not be at home when the package arrives, you can pick it up at your post office. We advise you to pick it up as soon as possible because after a certain period of time they will send it back to us.

8 Do you ship Internationally?
Of course! We ship orders internationally on a daily basis. Delivery times are usually between 5 and 10 workink days from dispatch.
To avoid unexpected customs fees or duties, check with the customs department in your country about its importation policies in case of orders outside EU. Primawall.com is not responsible for any sales taxes, customs duties or other taxes charged by your customs department.

9 What are the shipping costs?

We have reduced shipiing costs significantly. Shipping costs are now:

EU countries, Switzerland and Norway - 4,90 EUR for purchases under 59 EUR / free for purchases over 59 EUR

10 How does the wall decal look like when I receive it?

The wall decal will be placed in a pasteboard tube to assure the best possible protection during the shipment. Beside the wall decal you will find the enclosed invoice, installation instructions and a squeegee. Motifs on the wall decal are placed as shown in the website picture (the second, lower one). In case the vinyl wall decal contains more motifs you wish to fit separately, you should first cut each motif out by scissors.

11 Is it possible to relocate the wall decal?

We advise you not to relocate the wall decal because some damages to the wall decal can occur. Check for the perfect position first before starting with the installation process.

12 Is it easy to remove the wall decal?

Wall decals can be removed easily. We advise you to use a hair dryer and warm up the surface first. Then start removing the wall decal slowly. Start by the corners and continue towards the center.

13 Can I install my wall decal differently than showing on the website?

Of course. You can install your wall decal based on your preferences. The only limit is your imagination and appropriate surface.

14 Can I choose a different size than showing on the website?

Please send us your request via e-mail and we will prepare the wall decal based on your preferences.

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