How to install

1 You will find your wall decal in the Primawall tube. Please take it out carefully and spread it out.

2 Be careful that the surface meant for your nice wall decal is flat and clean. It should not be wet, too.

3 Lean the Primawall wall decal on the surface and define the chosen position. In case the wall decal contains more motifs you wish to fit separately, you should first cut each motif out by scissors. Be careful not to damage the wall decal and leave enough room for further application.

4 Put the Primawall wall decal on a flat surface and remove the upper part (3 to 5 cm approximately) of the white nontransparent protective foil.

5 Take the Oracal squeegee from the tube to smooth the wall decal on the surface (a plastic card, for instance).

6 Hold the wall decal carefully and glue it on the surface by the upper just removed part.

7 Smooth carefully the glued part and slowly and evenly remove the nontransparent white protective foil.

8 Be careful that all parts of the motif are glued on the surface.

9 Repeat the procedure so long that the wall decal is completely glued on the surface. Be careful that the wall decal is well fastened and smooth.

10 The wall decal is placed on the chosen surface. You should only remove the transparent protective foil and your Primawall wall decal will soon shine in full gloss.

11 Start removing the transparent protective foil slowly, namely at the upper edge of the wall decal.

12 It is very important to remove the foil slowly and evenly.

13 Congratulations! The procedure of installation of the Primawall wall decal is now completed.

Production: MMvisual